Thursday, July 23, 2009

check out our new TARGET STORE - Girl's collection

visit your locat TARGET STORE & check out
our new flower collection for girls
collection includes 1 large giclee
2 smaller giclee prints
a growth chart
birdie nightlight
you will fall in LOVE!!!


Gina Schmitz said...

when will it hit stores? :)

Lars and Chellie said...

Congrats! That's so exciting!

Gina Schmitz said...

Hmm. I checked 2 stores in the Louisville area ... but will stalk Target! LOL

By any chance, will mermaids be out before the sale ends? I would hate to buy something & see some mermaids get uploaded the day after! :)

Love you stuff!

Rita said...

I love everything you create, especially your cherry blossoms birdies. I was so excited to see some of your collection at Target. I had to buy one for my daughters room.

Allison Martin said...

Just wondering if it is possible to purchase a personalized canvas to match the Flowers & Butterflies art I purchased from Target. Thanks!